Terms and Conditions

Requirements and Fulfilment Guidelines for Lists & Wishes

Live in the South of England, within the radius we cover

Diagnosis of a terminal illness certified by a Dr/GP/Macmillan Nurse (Bucket List Wishes may need to contact any of these professionals to carry out the experience in full)

Submit your own personal Bucket List to us (max 15 things)

Bucket List Wishes will aim to grant one Wish from any submitted and qualifying list we receive

All Wish applicants must be 19 and over

You can submit an application for someone or for yourself

Unable to fulfil the Wish or need on your own

Capable to experience the Wish

Able to obtain approval from a doctor, if necessary to carry out the experience

Disclaimer: Bucket List Wishes is unable to grant every Wish from a qualified list we receive. The decision to grant a Wish from a submitted list is at the sole discretion of Bucket List Wishes, and a Wish may be denied for any reason.

Bucket List Wishes Ideas:

  • Have a makeover & Professional Photography session with your loved ones
  • Have a garden tea party
  • Learn a new skill you’ve always wanted to learn
  • Surprise someone close to you with something special
  • Revisit a special place to you
  • Visit a Castle/Stately Home you’ve always wanted to see
  • See a live concert of your favourite Band/Artist
  • Have a salsa lesson
  • Be a fairy for the day
  • Eat at a famous Chef’s restaurant
  • Have a themed party
  • Have a personal shopper for the day
  • Helicopter Flight
  • Balloon Flight
  • Horse & carriage ride
  • One to one personal animal encounter at a Zoo
  • Have a professional singing lesson

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